NOTD:Strawberry IceCream

Essie from Essiebutton is like super perfect right,I love her. So when I saw her video today of her nail care routine,it made me get my backside into gear and sort out these talons of mine!
I've been giving them a break from polish for a couple of weeks to try and strengthen them so today I got down to the nitty gritty! I massaged in my Soap&Glory Hand Food into my cuticles and then pushed them back with an orange stick. I then filed my nails into as much as a square shape as I could get (they're quite short) and used the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails to strengthen my nails,then slapped on a base coat.

On to the good stuff. Barry M in 309 Strawberry I/C which I bloody love,but only looks opaque after 3 coats which is a bit of a bummer!

Hope you enjoyed this quick post! Also,I'm on the hunt for an affordable base coat and top coat,so any recommendations would be fab.
Katie xx


  1. just see ur blog on insta! very nice! following, keep up with the posts!