P.S I Love Me..

I thought this picture off Pinterest was sooo cute!
After seeing umpteen blogposts related to Valentines day, i.e.. what to wear, what makeup to sport, what to buy your other half, I thought I'd step up on behalf of the singleton society!
I have nothing against Valentines day, don't get me wrong, and I get all mushy inside when I see couples going out to celebrate it, but I know quite a few people 'other half less' who dread the day. why?
It's a day of love right? So love yourself! You are the most important person in your life, so spoil yourself today!
This past year I have grown so much as a person, and I've gotten so much more confident! I've swapped the whole 'oh my god look how big my nose is' for 'my eyes are a nice colour' and 'I have a nice smile'. I'm not up-my-own-arse loving myself, I have just learnt to appreciate that I'm a good person and I have a lot to offer, so why shouldn't I love myself?! I'm not fully there yet, there's still times where I'd like to change things about myself, lose a few pounds, have clearer skin. The usual.. But I'm learning to love myself and I'm getting there! So tonight, rather than sit and be miserable about oh how sad my life is, all my friends are going out rubbish, I'm treating number 1!
After dinner I plan on going bath salt crazy and relaxing. I'll run a nice warm bath with my faveee Boots vanilla bath cream, and make it super bubbly! With my iPod on, not soppy love songs may I add, I'm going to soak myself happy! oo-er..
Then I'll go wild with the Soap&Glory The Scrub Of Your Life, and buff away. When I feel like getting out, I'll most definitely be smothering myself in the Boots vanilla body lotion (vanilla obsession much?) before slathering Soap&Glory Heel Genius all over my tooties. In my flannel pyjamas and trusty old slipper socks, I'll collapse in front of the TV, complete with a good old facemask, eating myself silly and catching up on the soaps courtesy of Sky+. Who needs a boyfriend eh? I even treated myself to a few bits in Superdrug today!
So whatever your status this February 14th, enjoy it. And remember, until you love yourself there's no point trying to love someone else. Be happy! Now I'm off to go and open my never-ending stack of Valentines cards..


  1. Yay for treating yourself! What did you buy at Superdrug?

    1. A red MUA lipliner, a new lipstick and Rimmel lipliner in Spiced. I'm excited to use them! xx