As of 1st April 2013, all PR samples sent for review or consideration will be marked with a (*)
I will only accept samples that I feel will fit with the content of my blog and that I would be interested in buying myself. All of my opinions will be 100% honest. 

I will not say I like a product just because it's "free" and I will not feel pressured into writing a positive review if I don't get on with a product. I will write all my reviews the same regardless of if I've bought them with my own money, received them as a gift or received them as a PR sample. 

If I don't get on with a certain product please don't assume I'm saying don't buy it, it just isn't what I'd choose personally. Everybody has a different skin type/hair type and of course personal preference.

If you are a company and you would like to contact me about PR samples or sponsored posts, then please email me at and I will get back to you. 

Katie xxx

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