I suffer from mild acne that is a lot worse on my chin and around my nose, and I was super excited when Supaskin asked me if I'd be interested in trying out some of their products- I already had my eye on a few! 

I wanted to give these products a good test run before I reviewed them, and I feel that it's now been long enough. So here goes... 

Squalane Serum- Pure Squalane Hydrating Oil. £24.99*
This is formulated for normal,dry or dehydrated skin, so I used it morning and night on my drier patches. I'd never used anything like this before and it feels very luxurious to apply and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy  which I was worried about. This was a lovely product and it did make my skin feel softer, however I don't suffer from massively dry skin, so I couldn't justify the price for how little I'd use it. But if you have dry skin I seriously recommend this!

Multi Peptide Serum- Rapid Wrinkle Reduction. £59.95* 
Again I used this morning and night, but as I'm only 18 I don't think I need to use wrinkle reduction products so I can't say if it works or not! It did feel lovely to apply and wasn't at all heavy even under makeup.

Salicylic Acid Exfoliator 2% -For Deep Exfoliation Of Acne Prone Skin £24.99*
I believe is used instead of a harsh exfoliator for acne prone skin and I used this at night instead of a toner. I put a little onto a cotton pad and swept it over my face. It stung a little bit on the skin but nothing unbearable, but I didn't notice any dramatic results from this product- I much prefer an exfoliator that feels gritty and like it's doing something, does that make sense?

100% Pure Hyaluronic Moisturiser- Stimulates New Cell Growth £39.75*
The idea behind this moisturiser is great and it doesn't contain any nasties. I'm a bit of a floozy when it comes to moisturisers and although this was a lovely one to use and really softened my skin, I think you could find plenty as good in superdrug for a fraction of the price. I would probably ask for this as a luxury or a gift because it was really lovely to use!

Microdermabrasion Cream- Exfoliator with Salon-grade Crystals £39.75*
I believe I was sent the full sized version which is lovely and I am so amazed with this product! It is a gritty exfoliator and feels quite harsh so possibly not one for sensitive skinned gals. But oh boy does this work. I find that when I have a spot, it goes and it's great, but then I'm left with a piece of dry flaky skin where the spot was (mingin) and no other exfoliator took it off, even when I used a face brush. But this whipped it right off but without making it sore. It literally just took off the layer of skin that was damaged and a lovely new ready-to-go layer was there! I used this all over my face twice a week, but I then found it more beneficial to just use it on spotty, rough areas mainly in my tzone. A little goes a long way with this product and I can not shout about it enough. It is by far my favourite from this range and I will definitely repurchase it because I can see the tub lasting quite some time! Expect a full blog post dedicated to this soon. 

None of the products mentioned are tested on animals. 
*Products sent for review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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