Review:Supaskin Micro-Dermabrasion Cream

If you've seen my recent review on the Supaskin products I was sent (post here) then you'll know I was impressed with the Mico-Dermabrasion Cream*. That much so that I felt it was worthy of its very own post! 

I have combination skin and I suffer from mild acne, predominantly in my tzone but often it works its way onto my cheeks. Because of this I have a lot of scarring from acne, and I'm left with a lot of rough skin when spots have eventually 'gone'. I've tried tonnes of exfoliators and they're alright but they don't do what I want them to do. 

I started using this product all over my face once or twice a week. Big mistake. My skin isn't overly sensitive but there were certain areas that got a bit sore when I used this. So I started to use it just on problem areas and I liked it a whole lot more! When you've had a spot and you've gone through the whole performance of getting it to reduce in size, and in redness, then it eventually goes. But then you get left with a pesky bit of dry skin that just looks cakey under makeup and nothing budges it right? Lovelyyyy. But this stuff just banished all that. From the first time I used it it seemed to just take off that top layer of skin without aggravating the spot- it didn't leave it red or sore. Score!

I also used it on and around my nose where my pores get large and congested (this is a lovely post right) and it made my skin sooo much softer. I have tiny little pimples and bumps around my nose, especially in the cracks at the side, and this smoothed them out completely. 

As you can see from the picture it's extremely gritty and quite harsh on the skin. I don't find it irritates me if I use it once a week, but I wouldn't recommend it for people with sensitive skin, or for regular use. 

In all, I cannot rave about this enough! It really is fantastic and when it runs out I will definitely be repurchasing. It's on the pricey side for me, but I think it's completely worth it and the tub will last a long time. 

You can buy it here for £39.75 for 30ml.

*Product sent for review, 


  1. This looks like a product I need to try! New follower of your blog. Hope you will follow back!

    xx, Gina


    1. thankyou for following!
      I'll check yours out now xx