The one hiding in the corner...

I'm going to Blog On!
This will be my very first blogging even and I am super nervous! I have no idea what to expect and apart from the odd conversation on Twitter I don't really know anybody that's going. So here's my introduction!
I'm Katie, I'm 18 and still living at home with mum and dad. Exciting right?
I'm a beauty blogger with the occasional fashion and lifestyle posts and I'm new to this, in fact only 7 months in!
I'm verrrrrry excited to see what real life bloggers look like and I promise I'll try to put my nerves to the side and speak to people! Please come and say hi, I don't bite...
See you all tomorrow!
Feel free to drop me a tweet and say hi! @ibemoorby
Katie xxx


  1. It's going to be a fab day Katie. I really hope you enjoy it!

  2. Ohh have fun! :)
    Wish i could go to something like that ha.



  3. Hey, my name is Lisa and I'm starting my blog in the new year.
    Your blog is really nice, what do you think about follow for follow?
    I hope to see you in my followers soon,
    Cheers, Lisa ♡