Sort Yourself Out Sunday: Part 2-Glitter Goodness

As promised here is Part 2 of my Sort yourself out Sunday and it's an ode to all things nails. There's nothing better than parking your butt in front of the TV and going to town on your talons. For me, doing my nails makes me feel 'done'. It doesn't matter what I'm wearing or how good my hair and makeup is, if my nails don't look nice I don't feel finished. So this is what I do every Sunday.. 

I remove every last scrap of nail polish with just any old remover or pads I have lying around then I get started. My nails aren't good at the minute, they all broke so I can't shape them as such. I just file them using this plain old nail file to sort out the edges. Then I use this brand new tatty and worn orange stick to push back my cuticles. Using my 7 way nail buffer I follow all the steps in order on each nail. This makes my nail polish last so much longer because it has a smooth surface to sit on. Trust me, it helps!

Then it's time for a base. Any does the job and I quite like the consistency of this super old Collection 2000 one. When this dries I move on to the next step.

Today, I chose a glitter polish. I've been loving pastels recently and thought I'd shake things up a bit. I rarely wear this Barry M polish and I don't know why! It's reallllllly glittery, I love the shade and it doesn't chip. It's really flattering, it makes my hands look tanned and my fingers slimmer. Does that even make sense? So I used Barry M Blue Glitter and I like to dab it on so to speak, rather than brush it on. I just think it makes for a more opaque finish. 

After 2 coats of that, I let it dry for around 15 minutes then I used this top coat by NYC Expert Last Nail Polish. It's really good! It was something I picked up on a whim as part of a 3 for 2. I wasn't expecting much but it helps me get 3-4 days of wear out of standard polishes with just minor chipping towards the ends of the nails. 

And that's it. Glittery nails that make it look like you've made an effort, even if you haven't! 
I hope you had a good weekend and part 3 will be up next Sunday.
Katie xxx


  1. I've seen that glitter before and never thought of picking it up, but I might now. So pretty!

    - Sho
    http://shonalouxo.blogspot.ie x