Princess Jasmine Inspired Makeup

Following my Tinkerbell makeup look, I did a Princess Jasmine inspired look. I say inspired because I used the colours in her outfit rather than just copy the makeup on her face..
I posted a picture of this look on my instagram and it was quite popular so I thought I'd do a quick post on it!

I primed my lids, then packed on a turquoise shimmery shadow. I used a bright but dark blue shadow in my outer corner and crease, then blended that out to my socket using a fluffy brush and baby blue shadow. I darkened my crease with a matte black eyeshadow and blended the hell out of it! I then filled in my brows using a dark blue pencil to keep in with the blue theme, and applied a shimmery white shadow on my brow bone.
I wanted this look to be kind of Arabian, so I lined my top lash line with a gel liner, and winged it out at the end. I also took the liner into my tear duct. I lined my lower lash line and joined it up in the corners and created a smaller flick underneath the original flick. I used the same turquoise shadow I started with to blend underneath my lower lash line. Then I chucked on a load of mascara. Voila

Hope you enjoyed this look!
Katie xxx