Collective Haul

So I went to the bank, and had a pleasant surprise when I saw I had more money in than I expected. I had two choices.. Save up and use the money for something useful, driving lessons perhaps, or waste it all on things I didn't really need, but would make me gleefully excited? It was a no brainer..
What else was I going to do other than a haul when all these things arrived?!

I got this beanie for £2.79 with free p&p from this seller and it came so quickly! I love it, it's just the right size and I really like the colour

Eyeshadow Palette
I'd been on the hunt for a big decent eyeshadow palette since forever, and I found this gem here for £6.99 with free p&p. It has 120 colours, which are all so pigmented and work well dry and wet. They're also super easy to blend!

Crop Top
I am the first to admit my stomach isn't toned, or flat. Quite the opposite. But recently I've seen a few curvier girls following the trend and wearing crop tops, so I finally plucked up the courage to buy one. It shows a lot of my stomach, which makes me uneasy! However, styled with the right thing, something high waisted, it can look really flattering. I found it here for £2.80 plus £1.89 p&p.

I then bought this high waisted wine coloured pencil skirt to pair with my new crop top! I love the colour, and the fit-it's super flattering to my shape, but I'm not keen on the material. It's that clingy stuff to hangs on to every lump and bump going, and believe me there's a few! It was £4.99 with £1.99 p&p from here.

Because like I said the skirt clings, I then bought some control pants. lol. They claim to 'sculpt' my thighs, bum and stomach. I don't know about sculpting, but they do hold everything in! They're so unattractive but if you're a curvier girl I'd seriously recommend these! I got this pair from here for £3.88 with 99p p&p.

I then ordered a couple of books..

Blogging for dummies
Being new to the blogosphere, I'm still trying to find my way around blogger and how it works. So I picked up this book from ebay for around £3 (I presume you can find it on ebay/amazon quite often) There were some super useful parts, with chapters dedicated to just Blogger and just Wordpress, but the first couple of chapters were about how to start a blog, which was a little late..

Makeup&Skincare by Sally Norton
Again from ebay, this book looks quite outdated. The makeup side of the book would be perfect for beginners, as it goes through finding the right foundation for you etc. However the skincare part is what I bought it for. It has great tips on how to know what skin type you are, and how to care for it. I found this really useful and will probably refer back to it from time to time.

Classic makeup&beauty by Mary Quant
Another ebay find, I was quite disappointed with this book. I knew the majority of the 'tips' in the book through youtube and other blogs, so I might give this book away in the future..

Finally, I bought 4 A6 notepads off an ebay seller but I can't seem to find them anymore. I bought 3 and got 1 free, and plenty of sellers on ebay sell them like this one. They're perfect to just chuck in your bag because they're small, but they're big enough.. that made no sense. I use one as a day to day diary and one as a blogging notepad of what posts I'm doing next etc. At the top of each page is a little smiley face and they're so cute!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think!
Katie xxx

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