Spring: My Nail Picks

It's officially spring, which can only mean one thing. Pastel nails are back in.
I love this look. There's a pastel shade to suit every skin tone, and they look really cute and fresh. So I thought I'd show you my favourite drugstore nail polishes that can help you get ready for spring without breaking the bank!
Apologies for how messy my nails are, I took these pictures before cleaning the edges up. Silly me!

First in the lineup is the pastel pink Strawberry Ice Cream in 309 by Barry M. I love Barry M polishes, purely because they're cheap as chips and nearly always on offer in Boots and Superdrug. I've done a post on this polish here and gone into detail, but it's basically just a baby pink colour that looks lovely tanned or not tanned. It takes 2/3 coats to get the colour opaque which is a bit annoying but it's worth it. It dries quick and wears well with a decent top coat. You can find it here.
Next up is the ever-so-originally named Lilac from ELF cosmetics. Again ridiculously cheap, this polish (in fact the whole range!) is a must have for me. It takes 2 coats to look perfect, but still manages to look ok with just 1 coat, a bonus for the impatient girls like me out there! However, it is very similar to Barry M Lilac, so I wouldn't rush to buy it if you have that already. You can find it here.
Finally is Mint Cream, again from ELF. I've seen the obsession with Essie's Mint Candy Apple and I've wanted to cave, but I hate spending more than a fiver on a nail polish, so I opted for this colour from ELF. It's a lot darker than Essie's, but just as nice nonetheless. The wear on these polishes is nothing to shout home about, but it lasts ok. You can find it here
So there are my 3 must have colours that never fail me. What are yours?
What topcoat do you use to make your polish stay on longer? I'm on the market for a new one!
Katie xx







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