These Boots Are Made For Walking

Picture the scene... Christmas Day night. Everyone else asleep. After stuffing myself silly with every Yorkshire pudding, roast potato and mini sausage roll in sight, I climbed into bed a good 3 stone heavier. I fancied a browse. Just a quick one to see what shops, if any, had cracked on with the sales. Office definitely had!
I certainly am not short on the shoe front, so there wasn't any pair I needed. There wasn't any that particularly caught my eye, the only exception being Jeffrey Campbells which were still too pricey *weeps*
Then I saw these babies, so I thought I'd take pictures as I unboxed them, as you do obviously...

 After a huge mess-up with my order confirmation and then delivery (I'll let them off because it was during the sales) these babies arrived. They are soo comfy because of the HUGE platform and they are super easy to walk in!
I paid the grand total of ... are you ready
£10. Yep. Ten English pounds. Just ten!
Reduced from £70 to £10 with free postage and packaging, I couldn't grumble
I will get round to an OOTD styling these, but for now I just wear them round the house.. in my pyjamas.. because I'm super glamorous. Right?
Katie xxx


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