My Piercings

I wouldn't say I have a lot of piercings, but I have a few I guess, and people are forever asking me if they hurt blah blah blah. I've uploaded photos for a couple of them, and pain ratings for all you wimps out there! Enjoy
Katie xo
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Ear Lobes
These were my first piercings, at the grand old age of 5, and I'm sure everyone and their dog has them pierced, so they can't be that bad ey? They were pierced with a gun and did not hurt AT ALL.
Belly Button
Next was my belly button when I was 13 and following the crowd. *cringes* It didn't hurt one bit, because it was numbed and clamped, probably a 1 out of 5 for pain rating. But the place I got it done was mingin and after 3 months my body rejected it and I was left with an ugly scar :-(
(After that bad experience I now go to the same place for all my piercings and it is SO good. They only use titanium jewellery, as most people are allergic to surgical steel, and that's what causes a piercing to get infected/rejected.)
My eyebrow piercing bled like a bitch! Because the skin around your eye is extra thin and sensitive, and there are a lot of blood vessels around there, it's a place that bleeds/bruises easily (Think of boxers when they get hit in the eye). Again, it was numbed so it didn't hurt, probably a 2 out of 5 with the most uncomfortable part being the clamp.

The myth is, the thicker your lips are the more this piercing hurts. My lips are FAT and I didn't feel a thing when I had my lip pierced. It was sprayed with numbing spray on the outside, and I had a numbing mouthwash to numb the inside. I can't even give this a pain rating because I didn't feel a bloody thing. I dribbled a bit afterwards when I talked/ate, and I had a swollen lip for a while, but after some Ibuprofen it was fine.
I then got a Microdermal piercing, which if you don't know what one is click here. I loved this piercing so much because I didn't, personally, know anyone with this piercing where I had it. It lasted around 5 months before I caught it in my sleep and had to have it removed. The pain is around a 3 out of 5 because it's done completely different to 'traditional' piercings.
Oh. My. God. Ok this piercing hurt. Like killed. Beyond belief. It goes through the cartilage in your upper ear, not once, but twice. It was like a 4/5 out of 5. It hurt afterwards. It hurt to sleep on. It hurt. It was pierced with a banana bar, and in the first couple of months it rubbed in my sleep, and I got a few small keloids on and off. It's all good now though and I love it.
My most recent piercing is my nipple piercing, done with a bar. For obvious reasons I ain't about to post a picture of my nipple on here, but believe me when I say it looks super pretty! This piercing bled a fair bit, and until it settled down I was left with a very erect nipple for a while. lol. And I now have a sensitive nipple, but ya know ;-) This hurt like a 3/5.
♥ Being nervous before your piercing is good. It produces endorphins which are thought to fight off pain.
Do not Google how the piercing is done or how much it hurts before hand! People exaggerate
Do eat something sugary beforehand if you're worried you might faint or get woozy. A Marsbar is good.
Do not get a piercing done on an empty stomach, or if you've been drinking the night before- it thins your blood so you'll bleed a lot more
Do not just go to a piercing place because it's cheap. Chances are they'll use surgical steel. Pay a little extra and ask if it's titanium jewellery.
Do take some paracetamol around an hour before your piercing, that way it'll hurt less afterwards as they'll have had chance to kick in. Ibuprofen are good to have as they reduce swelling.
Do not just get a piercing your mates have got, don't be a copy. Get something different.
BE different.

If you want to ask me about a piercing more in depth you can email me at justdoingkatie@hotmail.com 


  1. Completely agree about people exaggerating. A girl I know told me her guy friends vomited from the pain of a nipple piercing, she failed to tell me how drunk they were at the time.



  2. Haha! People panic when they read things like that -.-
    Will check it out now
    Katie xx

  3. I've heard of nose piercings being very sensitive before, I guess that'a an area that can gets lots of touching.

  4. I'm considering getting my nipples pierced. what kind of numbing spray or cream do you recommend.

  5. what can i use to numb my nipples besides ice before i pierce them?